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Intended Consequences is the official podcast of the StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy. The podcast discusses practical provincial and federal policy ideas that achieve the actual goals they are designed to achieve with interesting guests and experts. The Institute aims to combine political acuity with policy recommendations to provide a one-stop shop for expert policy advice that is politically practical and possible to implement.



Sep 23, 2021

StrategyCorp hosted the 'Federal Election 2021 - The Results Are In' webinar on Tuesday September 21 the day after Election 44. The webinar dives into the election results, what they mean, and what happens next. StrategyCorp Principal Lisa Samson moderates a panel of esteemed strategists, Garry Keller (StrategyCorp VP), Kim Wright (Principal, Wright Strategies), and Andrew Steele (StrategyCorp VP).