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Intended Consequences is the official podcast of the StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy. The podcast discusses practical provincial and federal policy ideas that achieve the actual goals they are designed to achieve with interesting guests and experts. The Institute aims to combine political acuity with policy recommendations to provide a one-stop shop for expert policy advice that is politically practical and possible to implement.



Nov 16, 2022

When it comes to fighting climate change, taking actions at home is as important as working with global partners. At the national level, the Government of Canada has taken several measures to fight climate change including rolling out a carbon pricing system. On the world stage, Canada is an active player at events like COPs. However, how domestic policy and diplomacy are coordinated to work together can be a bit of a black box.

Canada’s former ambassador for climate change, Patricia Fuller, joins us to discuss this fascinating topic and share the findings of a new report she co-authored titled Climate Change and Canada’s International Engagement.