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Intended Consequences is the official podcast of the StrategyCorp Institute of Public Policy and Economy. The podcast discusses practical provincial and federal policy ideas that achieve the actual goals they are designed to achieve with interesting guests and experts. The Institute aims to combine political acuity with policy recommendations to provide a one-stop shop for expert policy advice that is politically practical and possible to implement.



May 20, 2020

Ontario's Education Minister, the Hon. Stephen Lecce, spent the first half of this year fighting to keep kids inside the classroom. Little did he know, he'd spend the second half fighting to ensure they had the resources needed to learn outside the classroom because of COVID-19. Minister Lecce joins the podcast for a fascinating talk about the decision to close Ontario's schools to protect from the pandemic, the path forward when schools resume, the future of child care in Ontario, and a look back at the recently concluded round of negotiations with the province's big 4 teachers' unions.